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After 17 years in a nursing career and having a family, I decided to study my childhood love of photography. I studied for 3 years at Photo Image College in Melbourne where I obtained my Certificate in Professional Freelance photography.
It has always been incredibly important to give back to the lives of others so I became an honored member of the Heartfelt Team

Regardless of the time, sometimes spending hours with a family, I’ve spent the last 5 years photographing raw and heartbreaking moments. Sensitive images taken using soft lighting, I capture connection and love between a family and their critically ill, dying or passed loved one.

I have photographed more than 300 families in their darkest hour and understand the comfort that these last captured moments mean.

The photos not only help families to honor and remember but to become very important to the grieving and healing process. I am passionate about this specialized and privileged work and I feel truly feel blessed to be part of this journey of life knowing the difference it can make.



me-3I am interested in our human stories, I believe that when we share our stories we find courage, strength and joy that helps us live more meaningful lives.

Providing families with special memories at the end of life, portraying the love and kindness that can be experienced at this difficult time. Memories that heal.

My photography is primarily documentary style, standing back and photographing the stories as they happen. 

I have had extensive involvement with familes undergoing traumatic and stressful times in their lives through my work as a paediatric intensive care nurse and in my role as member of the Heartfelt Team.

As Adrienne said above this is special and privileged work, I am always compassionate and respectful in my approach.

I’m also a Death Midwife providing service to those at the end of life. Please go to my website gracefuldying.com for more information.

Adrienne: 0439 881 007 Melbourne / Helen: 0412 117 560 Adelaide
email: love@inlovingmemoryphoto.com